martedì 10 gennaio 2012


"When I design a shoe I think about it as a sculpture to wear, an art piece you live with. You and your  body affect its look and it affects yours. Footwear should have its life with and without being on the feet, on the contrary to cloths that exist only when being worn". Kobi Levi

'bird series' uses well-known iconic appearance of some feathered friends, such as a mallard duck and swan, incorporating into footwear. the colors and shapes represent the color types of feathers, while the beaks become the heel.

Kobi Levi is not your average shoe maker; and his shoes are not your average shoe. Choosing to blur the lines between art and fashion, Bezalel academy of art & design graduate Kobi creates handmade “wearable sculptures” that entertain, challenge and perplex their audience. With the shoe as his canvas, Kobi uses humour and social satire to fashion absurdly original footwear that has been exhibited around the world. Having designed commercial footwear in Italy, China and Brazil, Kobi is currently collaborating with both Israeli and international companies to develop his own women’s shoe line.

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