giovedì 1 settembre 2011


Every time I go for a walk around the Victorian & Albert museum,  I always find lots of interesting artists. Laura Theiss is one of them, fashion designer graduated from Central Saint Martins (London) in 2009, is already in her second collection. Much to look at and everything is absolutley to wear..
The designs combine traditional hand-knitting and crochet techniques inspired by the Far East costumes with metallic embellishment, unusual color combinations and futuristic, feminine vision in the forms.

The Lithuanian-born Theiss is focused about knitting. "For me, knitwear is like my mother tongue: it's a sort of language embedded in my DNA .... The Best Part of Being a designer is That I can create my own fabric with just a needle and yarn" she said.
Very contemporary and original, interesting and not boring voice in the upcoming scene. I like her!

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