giovedì 24 novembre 2011


Preservation Vamp, 1995, photography by Donna Trope, styling Katie Grand

Celebrating 20 years of their controversial magazine content, the Dazed and Confused exhibition at Somerset House brings together a host of various photo shoots, cover shots and artwork. Having used a variety of different ways to tell visual stories, the magazine commissioned work from many influential photographers, designers and artists over the years, all of whom left their mark on the publication and it's reputation for being a cutting edge voice of the new media.
Within the exhibition, two smaller courtyard rooms are dedicated to the late Alexander McQueen’s involvement with Dazed & Confused. There is a room solely devoted to the 1996 ‘Fashion-Able’ shoot which represented disability in a way that no other magazine had ever attempted, both then and now. The images in this room highlight McQueen’s ability in powerful social commentary and also his passion for seeking innovative ways to get a message across.


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