lunedì 12 dicembre 2011


There’s always something special happening in NYC and no visit could ever be the same. This year alone there were several exhibits, including the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET which I had to miss due to timing, unfortunately.
I was in Ny last week, and for this Christmas the Barneys windows (and the store’s entire 5th floor) are designed by Lady Gaga and her team, which includes her Mom!
A take on Santa's iconic workshop, the project has been realized through the eyes of renowned creative talents: Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti, and Eli Sudbrack and avaf, in collaboration with Barneys' creative director Dennis Freedman.

Gaga's Budoir

Created in collaboration with renowned hairstylist Bob Recine, this window is a surrealist take on Lady Gaga’s own personal boudoir. Constructed entirely out of hair, the room is filled with iconic references to hair styles and fashions from Gaga’s past.

Gaga Crystal cave

This mysterious ice world is a light installation featuring a mermaid sculpture reminiscent of Gaga.

Gaga Machine

This window plays with the idea of Lady Gaga physically morphing into a gilded motorcycle.

Gaga Constellation

Q4, an NYC-based experiential digital agency, collaborated on this window, which features a film by director Tim Richardson and Nicola Formichetti. The interactive short film portrays Gaga as a series of evolving constellations.

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