domenica 13 febbraio 2011


Alan Hranitelj was born in Croazia. He's generally a fashion designer, but we can't describe him like that, because he's completely subversive and anti-fashion. He doesn't sell its clothes, he doesn't do collections and he doesn't follow the natural career of fashion designers. He's different, alternative, unique in his gender..he's got the "aurea of genius". The Alan style is totally "haute couture", through its creations you can feel his elegant sensibility. There's something magic and something absolutely theatrical. He mostly designs for drama, opera and film and is costume designers for the Cirque du Soleil. 

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  1. Nice post! And so interesting that you've found him out. Great!
    Alan is an amazing talent and a lovely person too! I'm a big fan of his work from his beginnings and I had the opportunity to know him once long time ago when I was studying fashion design. I was so fascinated when I saw his clothes live, they really are special and he is just adorable in every sense.