giovedì 17 febbraio 2011


"Pepi's is an idea. An idea that everything is possible".
Pepi's is a "wonderland"founded in 1994 by Carlos Gomez and Begona Alegria in the catacombs of Camden Market, London.
Pioneers of extensions using materials never used before such as wool, plastic, fibre optic filaments... they're differents from others hairdressers coz their mission is no profit and they're focused on the challenge to go further more and more were no one ever came.
Far from the "forced" fashion, totally uncommercial, they preferes alternative "windows"..because their creativity still unpolluted.
Pepi's crowd is a melting pot of people and characters. children, young, old, homeless, managers....
New images and new expression forms. Continous change. Constantly changing, perfectly expressed in what is their location: a mix of recycled furniture which is replaced over time with other recycled items.

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