giovedì 10 febbraio 2011


"Collage is a great way for me to be creative, finally using all the kitsch books i have collected from Op Shops over the years. I love making with bold garish colour, grotesque 80's food and bad fashion...".
Li Kim Chuah is a collager artist and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. It's a glamourous vintage taste!

Amy Kligman. Amy's work is a psychological study, observing people and patterns in their nature, their dreams, their mistakes. Social anxiety and awkwardness. It's about all life psychodramas.

 I really love her work... it's a perfect human representation!

Megan Van Groll. Megan is a really young artist from Honolulu. She studies her own relations to body, function and gender through her neo-realist interpretation and does so in a way that feels mundanely human while rendering each piece particulary poignant and oddly evocative.

Charly Roussel. Charly is a young artist from Paris but he used to live in many different places. He  makes collages out of fashion advertisements. He changes the 'innocent' fashion ads into a bizarre and sexually exlicit images.

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